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Welcome to our new AdClub page.
You might want to start by reading this
How-To Guide by Roy Kelsey of Oklahoma State

“How to Organize and Develop a Successful Student Organization,”

Here's Tom Fauls' presentation on Boston U's AdLab

AdLab PowerPoint

It also seems worth mentioning that
some student ad clubs make hundreds of dollars
by selling our textbooks.
With the guarantee of the instructor, we will send the books on consignment
and your ad club can keep the standard 20% bookstore discount

A Great Meeting Idea...

thumbnail image Suits - a film by Eric Weber.
The saga of recent literature grad Ken Tuttle toiling away at a big-time New York ad agency. He's writing copy for batteries, deodorants, and feminine hygiene products. And he's surrounded by a cast of characters based on writer/director Eric Weber's many years in the ad business.

Pick up a copy. And, instead of watching the governor of California battle robots and aliens, watch the almost real-life battle of "creatives" versus "suits." $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H