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Can't Sing. Don't Care.
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1995 Nick Nick Nickelodeon - who says silly can't sell.
Great musical attitude to promote to kids (and adult media buyers)

1995 Milwaukee Bucks play Jazz - a nice musical promotion for a local NBA game - a surprising combination of musical style and lyrics

1995 Chevy's Old Toothpaste commercial - a nice way to demonstrate they're fresh and original by using music that isn't.

1995 TV vs. The Zoo - for the Baltimore Zoo

1996 Bud Vibe - good example of assembling some older advertising properties (This Bud's for You) - with newer musical styles.

1996 Stranded - radio is great for setting up fantastic situations - here's one for "Got Milk?"

1996 Talk Time - good demonstration of the benefits of a certain product available at Radio Shack.

1996 The Meeting - humor being used for a serious subject.

1996 The Real King - here how they work to get a broader and younger audience (like you) involved with an interesting media product.

1997 Jessica - a subtle commercial promoting the advantages of low carbonation

1997 Mindtrap - OK - how would you advertise a brain puzzler game?

1997 The following places... - The objective - get MTV back into Des Moines

1999 Brewery Tour - Wieden + Kennedy thought you'd enjoy a tour of the factory.

1999 He's So Hot - a message for Couch Potatoes from the Ad Council and the President's Council on Fitness and Sports

1999 Mountain Bike Store - a nice example of reverse sell.

1999 Mr. Perfect - how do you sell fashions on the radio?

1999 My Yahoo! - Humor and relevant facts combine into a really kind of interesting commercial.

1999 Resignation - the selling proposition - "not watered down," here's how they made the point.

1999 Scream 2 - mini-movies - presented by Hollywood Video

1999 The Voice - The MacKinzie Brothers for Molsen Ice

1999 Tie that Knot - here's something that they think will sell Cider Jack - what do you think?

2000 - Real American Heroes - one of our favorites from this great campaign - Footlong Hot Dog Inventor - for Bud

2000 Cooking Show - a humorous way of reminding you of a restaurant named Elmer's

2000 Dump Truck - the Georgia Department of Transportation wants you to feel better about highway repairs

2000 Foul Mouth - food.com - we're not sure that this company succeeded - but this succeeds in making us laugh

2001 Boneheads - a musical message from VW

2001 Kid Advertising - we think this is really terrible - but it teaches you about advertising - sort of

2001 Deterioration - Utah Education Association - making the point in 60 seconds

2001 Voice of Experience - here's one approach to get you to stop smoking - what's your opinion?

2001 Figure Skating - a message from Gordo's Snowboard Store

2001 Heroes - by popular request - Mr. Pickled Pigs Feet Eater

2002 Family Reunion - Motel 6 with Tom Bodett

2002 Gazelle - an exciting and dramatic radio demonstration brought to you by Clif Bar - no gazelles were harmed during the making of this commercials

2002 Making Out - Gordo's Snow Boards

2002 No Kenny G - for the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival

2002 Pronunciation - a fairly silly brand name - a fairly silly jingle - pretty nice, actually

2002 Speedo - Snow Summit at Big Bear Lake as a point to make

2002 Metro Bail Bonds - interesting approach

2002 Journey of Courage - the ATM Fee as point of difference - served up differently by Crispin Porter

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